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Jet Ski Club

Alpine Jet Ski Club

All members must possess a boat license or a Boat Safety

Course Completion Certificate. Boat Safety Courses are available every week in the NYC Metro Area.

Introducing the Alpine Jet Ski Club

The club is a limited group of members that share a fleet of brand new jet skis and have the ability to take the jet ski out on their own on the

Hudson River. This is not a group tour where you need to follow the leader. You can go out on your time and have as much fun as you want. Best of all, you save on insurance, maintenance and slip rental fees.

How does it work?

We try to make it very simple. First make sure you have a boat license or a NY / NJ Boat Safety Certificate. We will spend some time with you to get you

familiar with all the jet ski features. Then just reserve when you want to use the skis. We allow up to 2 open reservations at a time. Finally, just have fun!

What's the cost?

Membership cost for the 2020 Season is only $999. This covers unlimited use of the brand new jet skis from now until November 1. The club initiation fee is $249. This is a one time fee that covers initial instruction, maintenance amongst other costs. The only other cost you are responsible for is gas. You will get the tank full and just make sure to fill it up when you are done. Please note we can not pro-rate membership fees. You can join in May or you can join in October, the price is the same.

What kind of skis do we share?

The club consists of brand new 2020 Yamaha WaveRunner models. These are fast, full of features, and very reliable. Features include reverse, No Wake Mode and Cruise Assist.

Where can I ride?

You can ride on the Hudson River between the Verrazzano Bridge and the Bear Mountain Bridge. This a 50' mile stretch that will give you plenty of space to enjoy the waters. Just remember to manage your time when you are on the water.

What are the rules?
  1. You must be 25 years of age or older with a valid boat license or active Boat Safety Certificate.

  2. Don't be an idiot. This means respect others out on the water and in the marina. You need to ride safely and follow all the rules of the water. We will not tolerate any unsafe riding or unruly behavior. You will be kicked out of the club, banned and lose all your money.

  3. Bring your own life vest. Between COVID19 and the range of sizes vests come in, you would agree its better to just buy your own vest. Make sure its a US Coast Guard certified life vest suitable for jet ski riding.

  4. Riding times are limited to 2 hours on weekends and 3 hours during weekdays. This means if you reserve a jet ski for Saturday at 1pm, you must be back by 3pm so your fellow member can enjoy the ski as well.

  5. You may reserve the jet ski for up to 2 future rides. Meaning, you can have a reservation for the ski on Saturday from 4pm to 6pm and Tuesday from 11am to 1pm. Once you finish your Saturday ride, you can reserve another riding slot for a future date.

  6. Skis must be returned to the dock with full gas. This avoids issues where members go for a ride and don't pay for gas at all. Everyone pays for the gas they used and everyone must fill it up by the time their riding slot is done.

  7. You may only bring one guest on the jet ski when you ride.

  8. You may not bring any guests onto the docks or in the marina.

  9. You will not get a parking pass. You will be responsible for parking fees if you come on a Summer weekend. Daily parking is $5.

  10. Membership is not transferable. Only the member can take out the Jet Ski. You can not send your brother, cousin, best friend, or aunt to take out the ski. We see everything and we will not tolerate games. Any violation of this rule will result in forfeiture of all your monies.

How do I join?

Read all the rules again. If you think you are a responsible adult that can follow the rules and be a good club member, then send us an email to with your contact information. We will send you an application and setup an in-person interview. Once approved, you can start riding right away.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Payment can only be made via check or cash. Please call 201-985-6580 for more info.

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